A Conversation with Max Jury on touring with Lana Del Rey

Staff Writer Adam Reilly talks the talented singer-songwriter Max Jury, about touring with Lana Del Rey and hitting celebrity status.

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Before I had the opportunity to sit down with Christian Eye’s singer/songwriter Max Jury I lay still, lights off with the early works of Jury on loop. To my surprise, I wasn’t greeted by another heavily auto-tuned Pop-track, but instead I was serenaded by the gravelly voice of a young man with the soul of an old Blue’s performer and a hint of danger.

Jury was rocketed into the public-eye after joining Lana Del Rey on her world tour as her opening act. Every young artist would kill to be able to tour with the Siren of Soul and according to Jury, ‘Lana and her band couldn’t be nicer. She’s such an iconic figure in today’s world and being able to hop on these shows and see the world has been a true honour.’ Jury is no stranger to the Irish audience either, having opened for Del Rey in both Vicar Street and Live At The Marquee, he praises Lana’s fans who have embraced him so kindly – especially during the Cork show where he said, ‘I’m not brown-nosing but, out of all the gigs I’ve ever played, the crowd in Cork has been my favourite.’ Naturally, people from Cork are superior in almost every aspect of life, so it was delightful to hear the Max Jury was on the same page.

It would be impossible to tour with the starlet, formally known as Lizzy Grant, without becoming slightly submerged in her fantastical world centred around the eternal struggle between the American Dream and the American Nightmare. With Jury’s similar taste in a nostalgic ambiance on his record I was curious whether or not touring with Lana Del Rey had influenced his own music, to which he replied, ‘Of course. More specifically I’ve been influenced by her production style. The vibe of her most recent record is definitely seeping into the music I’ve been making in the last few months. But most importantly watching her perform and engage with the audience has helped me improve my own rapport with the crowd.’ Although Jury is still relatively new to the music industry he has proven time and again that his own vocals can match the eerily haunting vibes that Lana herself is renowned for. In early 2014, Jury uploaded a cover of Del Rey’s West Coast which was a massive hit among not only his own fans but also those of Lana Del Rey.

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Just like his velvet-voiced mentor, Jury’s songs are filled to the brim with emotion and feeling, the sort of melancholy tune that brings you back to a specific time and place vividly reanimating some of our most beloved memories and at times our darkest ones. After quizzing Jury on whether or not he likes to convey a certain message in his music, he went on to speak about emotion rather than a meaning, saying that ‘it’s more important for me to convey an emotion or a feeling. I don’t want to push a certain idea of what my song should mean on someone. I think it’s really cool when the same song means something different to different people. It is, however, important for me to convey a piece of myself in the music.’ He went on to tell Motley how his music is very much autobiographical leaving the listener with a gateway into the mind and memories of a brilliant young artist.

Like so many great artists before him, Jury speaks about taking the different issues going on in his life and channelling that pain into his music and lyrics. Describing his writing process, Jury exclaimed, “when I first started writing, it was a form of escapism. It’s always been therapeutic for me to turn whatever issues I’m dealing with into a song.” It is this drive and passion that has Jury on the brink of making his dreams a reality, Jury has already sat down with Grammy award winner Mark Ronson and hopes to someday have the chance to work with some of his own personal heroes including ‘Neil Young, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Prince… The list is endless.’ Jury says he admires people 2who aren’t afraid to learn, grow and be different.”

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Jury is definitely on the verge of being shot into stardom, which will provide him with a whole new audience but also the oftentimes overwhelming pressure placed upon artists in the music industry. In relation to this Jury modestly stated, ‘oh, I’m not so sure about that. I’ve got a long way to go. If I were so lucky, I suppose I’d be a little nervous. I don’t want to end up on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 10 years.’ Now is the time people! Max Jury is seeping through the cracks into the mainstream and he is as addictive as they come. Download Jury’s two EPs: All I Want: The Sonic Factory Sessions and Something in the Air, catch him on his European tour and thank us later.

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