A conversation with Jersey Shore alumni Angelina

Adam Reilly interviews Jersey Shore ex-housemate Angelina Pivarnick on her new reality show, how she deals with the haters and her thoughts on the upcoming marriage equality vote.

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In its prime, Jersey Shore was the most successful reality show on television. With its excessive drinking, bust-ups and general grossness, it was something we could all relate to. Subsequent British spin offs such as Geordie Shore and The Valleys became quite popular in the past few years; however nothing could ever compare to our beloved Guidos! Angelina Pivarnick joined the show when it aired in December 2009 and starred in the first two series of the infamous programme; before constant arguments with her co-stars led to Ms Pivarnick deciding to leave the ‘shore house’ after refusing to do a shift at Danny’s t-shirt shop. Whether you watched ‘the shore’ or not, be aware that we all have a little Guido in us. The show gave us all golden lessons to live our lives by; first of all you can never be too tan, second of all the higher the hair the closer to God and finally it is so not classy to expose your “coochi” while Jersey-turn-piking (please refer to online index of Jersey Shore dance moves) at the club.

I managed to catch up with original Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick as she reflected back on her time as the girl who everybody loved to hate. Love her or hate her however, Angelina had left her mark on the world and try as you might, it’s a mark you’re never getting off your windscreen. The Staten-Island Guidette has dipped her spray-tanned toes in everything from TNA Wrestling to the music industry and has given us some of the best cheese Pop has to offer. Dropping her first single I’m Hot in 2010 threw the internet into a frenzy causing the emergence of internet trolls everywhere who slated the Pop rookie but while they attacked our favourite Jersey girl they unknowingly fell right into a trap and publicity surrounding Pivarnick blew-up once again. The single itself can only be described as Swagger Jagger meets Friday nonetheless it’s intoxicatingly catchy and certainly worth a listen. Don’t fret children because Motley can exclusively confirm there is more music on the way. On being quizzed about her music Angelina replied,

“I’m glad you guys like I’m Hot. There were four of us from Jersey Shore that released singles, and I’ve heard that my single got the most hits and most downloads, so that I’m proud of!” And we’re proud for you Angie.

Jersey Shore was notorious for its ill-tempered cast-mates who just couldn’t see eye to eye about anything. Throughout series one and two, the shore house slowly turned on Angelina and tough as she is, there’s only so much a girl can take. According to Pivarnick, fellow cast-mates Mike and Snooki made her life a living hell;

“Mike was always getting on my case about everything. He always accused me of not cleaning up and he even put a dirty pad under my pillow. Gross. And you all saw what happened before I left the show, I whooped Snooki’s ass!”

Clearly neither party were too eager to stay in contact but Angelina claims she bumps into the lovable Vinny from time to time as they live close to each other on Staten Island.

Fans will be happy to hear that, after successful funding, Angelina will be going ahead with her own reality show which is yet to be announced. If that’s not enough hot-tempered Angie will also be starring in a show about mobsters…naturally. When asked if she was excited as us about the new show she told Motley, “Yes! I’m super excited about it! I’ve been wanting to do my own show for a long time, so I can’t wait to get it going. We’re just in early stages of planning right now, and I’m working on another show right now before my own series gets started. It’s called “The Familia” which is a mob series drama. It’s going to be hot!” Hot? Well who are we to argue with that knowledge bomb.

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All jokes aside, we can definitely learn a lot from the thick-skinned diva as even the best of us find ourselves in moments of vulnerability and oftentimes the victim of bullying. We had to ask Angelina how she managed to hold her head up high when it seemed the whole world was against her and she didn’t hesitate to dish out some advice saying, “I just laugh it off. People have their opinions about me, and I was a strong personality and I was definitely portrayed as the villain on Jersey Shore, and people don’t generally take the villain’s side. As much as I have haters, I have the best fans as well.” Even when times were at their toughest the Staten-Island sweetheart tells Motley that she always had her fans to lean for support, as she gushed, “I’m always getting really sweet fan mail and messages from them, and it’s awesome.”

Cameras and glamour aside, Angelina has many passions including training as an Emergency Medical Technician and First Responder and she confesses that overall her main dream is to have the chance to work with people who are just as passionate about their work as she is.

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With the upcoming marriage equality referendum approaching in Ireland and Angelina’s dedicated work with the No H8 campaign, we had to ask her what advice she would give to her Irish fans who may be voting. She says to the fans and readers of Motley,

“Be yourself, always! Live unapologetically and don’t listen to what anyone has to say about you. As you saw on Jersey Shore, I go through life not caring about what people think about me, and that’s how you stay happy. Stay true to yourself, and fight for what you believe in!”

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