A conversation with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi

Adam Reilly interviews Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville about the real drama with the ladies of Beverly Hills.

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Motley was thrilled to catch up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and get the latest news on the show after a truly explosive season finale. Brandi Lynn Glanville is known for being a former supermodel, New York Times bestseller and of course for her on-screen antics. Her tumultuous marriage to Eddie Cibrian of CSI Miami came to a sudden end when infidelity accusations with both Country singer LeAnn Rimes and Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie Jancan arose. Now more than four years since her divorce was finalized Glanville has taken over reality tv and has even managed to find the time to write two extremely successful books.

After we took the time to welcome Brandi to the Motley family we had to ask her how she was feeling after the crazy RHOBH reunion show and she replied, “Things have been going really well for me in business and work situations. Romance… well its complicated” While Brandi is known for the occasional fling on the Real Housewives she lets Motley know that nothing too serious has come about yet. Brandi is undeniably the Housewife who’s not afraid to tell it like it is but her sharp tongue has landed her some pretty volatile situations with the other women in the show and even brought about the threat of a lawsuit. During filming the previous season of RHOBH Glanville, 42, revealed a secret about former housewife Adrienne Maloof which to the fans disappointment was edited out by Bravo executives who feared a lawsuit. It came to surface by US Weekly that Brandi had dished out about Maloof’s secret surrogacy pregnancy that she had kept hidden from not only her children but the whole word. Glanville found herself in the middle of a legal battle between herself and Adrienne which was eventually dropped. The pair believed to be sworn enemies may have patched things up as Brandi hints that Maloof makes a cameo on the new season and tells us,

“Adrienne and I are actually in a good place right now and we both promised not to bring up the past and try to move forward in a positive way and when I promise something I stick to it”

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Glanville has had her fair share of bust-ups with her fellow housewives including Race To Witch Mountain actress Kim Richards which resulted in Brandi attacking the recovering alcoholic accusing her of “doing crystal meth in the bathroom all night” But no screaming match compares to that of late, Brandi VS ex-bestfriend Lisa Vanderpump. After a clip emerged on the internet showing Glanville slapping Vanderpump in the face Motley quizzed the Celebrity Apprentice candidate on her current feelings towards SUR Bar and Restaurant owner Lisa Vanderpump who claimed,

“I love Lisa and always will that doesn’t mean we won’t have bumps in our road in our friendship’s future. Lisa is very very sensitive and takes a very long time to put things behind her so time will heal both of our wounds”

Since joining the cast of RHOBH Brandi has faced her fair share of hardship and tells Motley, “I still look back on my first season and wonder how I got through it sometimes but being a middle child and having my parents raise me to not start fights but make sure I finish them has helped a tonne. I also think anyone who goes through a divorce learns to grow a thick skin and realizes that no one fights your battles for you” Glanville soon began to show Motley her personal side when she opened up about how her divorce left her in a dark depression that she feels she may have been overcome by if it wasn’t for her two sons, “”Mom” should be synonymous with strength”. A difficult decision for any reality mother is whether or not her children should be exposed to the cameras, Glanville told Motley that she would love for the viewers to see the motherly side to her rather than the sharp-tongued trouble maker as she is portrayed on the show; she ascertained, “I really do (want viewers to see her motherly side)but at the same time I’m realizing with my kids getting older and more aware of the things happening around them it’s probably best not to subject them to public scrutiny at such young ages”.

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The question on everyone’s mind when talking about reality shows is the authenticity of the relationships between cast mates when the cameras switch off but according to Glanville, “some relationships and friendships need that break to process all the drama and others like Yolanda Foster’s and mine are a constant but we all have very busy lives so when we first wrap we all go into hiding for a bit.” We asked Brandi why has the show become the phenomenon that it is. According to the gorgeous mother of two, all the women have really big personalities and often times it becomes a: who can start the most drama contest. Glanville added,

“Everyone wants to be Queen Bee but it’s an ensembles cast and the show needs all of us.”

As with every interview we talked to Brandi about the same-sex marriage equality referendum which is quickly approaching and Brandi had this message to share with the readers of Motley, “Don’t try to keep up with anyone just be the best you can be- We are all perfectly imperfect – trying to the best of your ability is perfection in my book- also smile! It’s amazing how a friendly face can light up ones day.”

Make sure to catch Brandi when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, November 18th and on Celebrity Apprentice premiering on January 5th.


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