“I Was Possessed by a Demon”

Amy Kemp, England, moved into her new apartment with her boyfriend and son, all looking forward towards a bright future in a new home. Before long, the family noticed that there was something off about their new house. Doors started slamming on their own, objects were being thrown by an unseen force, the family were plagued with nightmares of a mysterious shadow entity and finally an exorcism. Adam Reilly sat down with the woman who claimed that she was possessed by a demonic spirit to find out what it’s like living in a horror film.


Things started to get strange for Amy Kemp when she started hearing voices inside of her new apartment. Amy, who claims to be sensitive to the paranormal, claimed to hear the voice of a woman named Carol who’s spirit was bound to the family’s new apartment. Amy couldn’t shake a feeling of dread in her new home and a sense that something terrible had happened there. Amy’s partner dismissed her feelings as nonsense until a few weeks later when he met the neighbors for a drink who informed him that the previous tenant had took her own life by overdosing and died in her chair. The previous tenants corpse wasn’t found for several days after the suicide until her son called to visit. The neighbors mentioned that the tenant who took her own life was named…Carol.

“My partner and I noticed strange lights around the room, different colours, we looked for a normal explanation but could not find one. We both then started to feel uncomfortable like we were being watched that’s when the lights started flickering. I just put it down to the weather but our TV would start turning on by itself. I would place things down to find them gone. My doors started to bang by themselves and a candle jar flew off the top of the TV.”

Even in her sleep Amy Kemp was plagued with nightmares and visions of a silhouette of dark figure in her room who would stand at the end of her bed and when she would try to escape the room the shadow man would begin to strangle her until she woke up breathless.

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When the family finally had enough of the strange occurrences happening in their home they sought help from the Church. A priest came to bless the home which is not uncommon. However, the priest believed that whatever presence was torturing this family was not something that was ever human. After an unsuccessful blessing the priest returned with a vicar and another unknown woman to carry out an exorcism.

 They started going round the house but they claimed that my bedroom was where the energy was the strongest. They began saying all this religious stuff that I didn’t understand. Then as they went into my living room and that’s the last thing I remember I had gone into some sort of trance. It was like being put to sleep. When I came-to, I saw all three of them around me shouting some strange stuff. I felt very ill and weak, I was confused at to what was going on I asked them what they were doing, the vicar said that the demonic energy did not want to to leave and had gone into my body.


It wasn’t long before things became too much for Amy and she had no choice but to relocate again. Unfortunately for Amy the weird occurrences followed her to her new home and became more volatile than ever. Light bulbs began to explode in their sockets, the family would come home to every single window and cupboard being wide open, the crucifix in the hallway had been placed on Amy’s bed, something or someone had spelled out “DIE” on her sheets and the figure from the nightmares had returned.

To this day Amy is unable to explain why this entity is following her.


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