A Conversation with a Pedophile

UPDATE 1/03/2017 Adam Reilly speaks with Pj Coogan on 96FM


Virtuous Pedophiles  is an online community of pedophiles whereby its users can share their experiences and engage in private chat-rooms. The members of this online community claim to have never acted upon their sexual desires to be intimate with children and instead seek answers on how people are born with or develop pedophilia. Adam Reilly speaks with creator, Ethan Edwards, about this underground community.

image via the Inquisitr

Ethan claims he did not realize he was a pedophile until much later in life when he was in his mid-fifties. He lived in Pennsylvania and worked as a software engineer for most of his adult life. Ethan enjoys browsing the web, reading, hiking and music just like any other person. Despite living with pedophilia Ethan was married for many years and raised three daughters. While Ethan has had loving relationships with adult women he claims that his strongest attraction is to girls as young as four.

“After I became a parent, I of course had a special parental bond with my daughters. I never have felt any romantic or sexual attraction to them. I believe this is an anti-incest mechanism that is common among men. There was no need to control sexual feelings; the feelings just were not there.”

It is important to keep in mind that these “virtuous” pedophiles have never acted upon their desires, they have never molested a child or have had any romantic encounters with a child. This group of pedophiles claim that the number one reason they don’t act on their pedophilia urges is that they do not want to risk harming a child. Laws and fear of getting caught are secondary concerns for the most of them.

“Most of us have no more trouble leaving children alone than the average man does not raping a woman, even if he can’t get a date.”


The main goal of the website is to squash some common misconceptions that are commonly associated with pedophiles. According to Ethan, most pedophiles are not child molesters and can be good people who live good lives. The  online community also claims to not be in favour of lowering of age of consent laws. Many participants on the website’s forums are longing for more scientific research to be carried out in the area of pedophilia. Mainly, its origins and its treatment.

“Keep in mind that if you took a random sample of people on the internet, a pretty high percentage of ALL of them would admit they were molested. If you are a pedophile it certainly comes to mind and you’re more likely to talk about it. I personally think it is due to something slightly wrong in the womb, or head injury as a young child — that sort of thing. That’s based on the scientists I’ve talked to.”

Ethan claims to be a non-exclusive pedophile and has had a number of passionate relationships with adult women. However, once a woman reaches the age of 40 the attraction diminishes significantly. Seventeen years since his divorce Ethan is now in his early 60s and women his own age just don’t appeal to him. Having such a big secret to keep from his friends and family has also taken its tole on Ethan although he claims he cannot recall any instances where he struggled to control his sexual urges. Ethan urges people to go to therapy but to protect themselves when doing so.

“Caution is required. My main piece of advice is for people to ask very early on, before admitting anything, when seeing a therapist what the circumstances are that would lead them to break confidentiality, and listen to what they say. From the answer they can not only tell whether they are at risk of being reported for their thoughts, but also whether the therapist can accept them and help them the same way they would any other person with life issues they are dealing with. Not being reported is a first vital step.”

The question was posed to Ethan whether or not he thought the website could do more damage than good by providing actual sex offenders with a safe space to communicate. However, I was assured that the support groups are constantly alert to that danger and users are unable to contact each other privately until an admin takes them off moderation.

“Most of us are in no danger of abusing any kids, and we could use therapy to deal with the isolation, the knowledge people would hate us if they knew, and for many of us, the knowledge that we will never have families, never have a loving relationships with a partner, and never have rewarding sex. Those are
all important issues to anyone.”

For more information visit http://www.virped.org/

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