A Conversation with a Real Vampire


Is there a molecule of truth in the old myths that date back before the written word? If you know where to look you can find an entire global subculture of individuals who identify themselves as vampires. Is it the talk of a madman or is there something based in truth for us to sink our fangs into? Adam Reilly speaks with a vampire “donor” who allows people to feed off her.

“A real vampire is not someone who has fangs, is undead and goes around killing people. A real vampire is someone who requires energy from another person. It maybe through blood, sexual energy or psychic energy.”

blood-spatter-bullet-wound-costumeThe subculture that identify themselves as real vampires typically can be divided into two groups; feeders and donors.

Donors can offer their services to their vampire partner in a variety of ways including sexual, blood offering or allowing the vampire to tap into their psychic energy.

I questioned a donor about the differences between humans and vampires, if any:

“Vampires and humans are almost completely the same. Many people actually feed and don’t know it.  The biggest difference is that a vampire requires energy from an external source because they can’t make it themselves.

“You do get some vamps that are more sensitive to light or sound but it is not like the way you see it in movies or shows. I am a donor and can’t tolerate the sun.”

Why did the donor, who we will call Dee*, decide to enter the Gothic world of sacrifice? When Dee was a child she was always the person who was there to comfort others and put other people before herself. As she got older she felt like offering her body to “feed” others was her true purpose. images

Dee had a string of vampiric lovers over the years and would let her partner feed off of her up to twice a day. The desire to donate is just as strong as the need to feed according to Dee which has ruined relationships for her in the past if her partner wasn’t a vampire.

Vampires without a willing donor often form relationships with butchers or will eat raw meat in order to satisfy their needs.

“We were in a relationship and lived together. In the morning it was a quicker encounter we would sit in the bedroom and he would sterilize whatever area he was going to feed from and then would use a scalpel to make a small incision he would drink from the area until he was finished or I started to clot.

“He always made sure to bandage the area after as well as treat me to a massage or breakfast something to give back to me.”

At night however the feedings significantly intensified. The vampire would make multiple cuts over Dee’s body, focusing more on the sexual aspects of the donor’s body such a feeding from the vagina, breasts, back and neck whereby a scalpel is used to slice the areas open.image_7

“The evening was much more intense as he was rougher about it and would just feed until he felt like he had been  re-energized. At the end of this he would always care for me and my needs making sure I was sexually satisfied as well as clean all cuts and bandage them.

“I think that is the biggest thing people don’t understand is that a true vampire will always care for his donor as we are the lifeline for them. It is a very give and take relationship being vampire and donor it is just different things being given and received.”

While the science may not be here yet, is the veil between fact and fiction more narrow than we thought?

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