International Women’s Day

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Give Me My Body Back (2): “I've always expressed how important it is to go out and use the voice you were given, and the march yesterday was so empowering. I think the government need to wake up and give a date for a referendum, at least. I think a lot of people (especially the older generation) forget that it's not a referendum on whether or not you like abortions or agree with them. Abortions are always going to happen, but by legalising it, we can protect the women of this country instead of sending them off on a traumatic experience overseas. The referendum is about giving women the choice to make a decision themselves, and its denying a basic human right at the moment. It's really quite sad and I hope the government comes to its senses soon. Seeing everyone together yesterday was a wonderful experience, but there was no denying the sense of anger among the crowd.” #MAJDCU #strike4repeal

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