Could Oprah Really Be The Next President of The United States?

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Could Oprah Really Be The Next President of The United States?



Rumours were set alight yet again after Seth Meyers, host of the 89th Golden Globes, joked about Oprah running for President of the United States. Meyers referred to a joke he made at the White House correspondents’ dinner in 2011 where he claimed that Donald Trump was not qualified to be president – which some believe drove Trump to run.

“Some have said that night convinced him to run. So, if that’s true, I just want to say: Oprah, you will never be president! You do not have what it takes. And Hanks! Where’s Hanks? You will never be vice president. You are too mean and unrelatable. Now we just wait and see.”

Although Oprah burst into laughter, she later went on to make a passionate speech about universal injustice. Oprah’s rousing message was not only more presidential than anything we’ve seen from the White House as of late, but it proved that Oprah2020 shouldn’t be considered out of the realm of possibility. The daytime mogul speaks with such a level of portrayed self-awareness to the point where she comes across as some sort of chicken soup for the soul prophet, and after listening to Oprah speech it’s not hard to imagine her campaigning for presidency.

Oprah’s arsenal doesn’t end with her thought-provoking public addresses, she has in fact featured five former presidents on her television show. She hosted a fundraiser back in September of 2007 for presidential hopeful Barack Obama at her home in California. Oprah then went on to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the nation’s highest civilian honour – by President Obama in 2013. The Obamas could prove to be an incredible ally to Oprah if she were to run. As if all this wasn’t enough Oprah, even has a bill named after her. In 1993 President Bill Clinton honoured Oprah by signing into law the “Oprah Bill.” This bill created a national database that allows people to search for child abusers.

Oprah’s connections aren’t limited to former presidents. Oprah has had seven princes, six princesses, one reigning queen, one former queen, one earl, one lord, one count, and one duchess from around the globe make a guest appearance on her show. The show has been filmed in 28 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in South Africa, France, Ethiopia, Poland, Denmark, Scotland, England and Australia. The show is estimated to have had a daily viewership of between fifteen to twenty million people per day in America alone, with the show airing in 149 countries. The Oprah effect has reached every corner of globe. Over twenty-five seasons, Oprah has received over twenty million letters via US mail from fans. If Oprah can inspire her loyal American fanbase to take pen to paper, then why not get them out to vote?

Winfrey’s net worth is estimated at around three billion so the Oprah2020 campaign would at least be able to part-fund itself which removes any added pressures of Oprah needing financial backers if she were to run for president.

While Oprah hasn’t made any public statements since the overwhelming reaction to her speech at the Golden Globes her long-time partner, Stedman Graham, told the Los Angeles Times that “it’s up to the people. She would absolutely do it.”

Oprah Winfrey is everything Donald Trump isn’t. Oprah has built herself up from poverty to be the only female African-American billionaire. Oprah too has mastered the business world while at the same time building fifty-five schools in 12 countries and donating over $250 million of her own money to charity. Oprah may be the best equipped person to heal the wounds that will be left behind by the Trump administration.


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