Smoker with white teeth | HACK

words: Adam O Reilly

Disclaimer: it goes without saying smoking is BAD and will kill you, anyway here’s an article on keeping those pearls shining through the fog.

Disclaimer 2: i am not educated as a dental hygienist, nutritionist and lots of other things tbqh. My knowledge begins and ends with whatever the cast of the Real Housewives are up to on a regular basis.

So first things first let’s talk about my brushing routine. I have never used a teeth whitening kit and I don’t think I ever will. Smoking is already terrible for my oral hygiene and I don’t think throwing bleach on top of that will do me any favors in the long run. I just think teeth whitening is unnecessary pain that does more bad than good.

The brushing routine that stuck with me the most was when a dental team came to visit us in primary school (or maybe secondary school I can’t remember). They held a skull in front of the class and acted out the best brushing routine with a toothbrush which was a mood. They brushed in circular motions for awhile in the same spot and then swept down. So circular brushing for awhile and then just brush down and vice versa on the bottom teeth. To be completed all over the teeth and maybe get up there in your gummies if you have been up to some freak activity.

I don’t use an electric tooth brush. I’ve had several in the past but I just don’t buy it. I mean the minute you put on a bit of tooth paste and switch it on it just because a projectile. For me electric tooth brushes were never the way to go. Plus electric tooth brushes are to small for me, personally I like a big head.

It’s hard to judge how long I brush my teeth in one session but I don’t stand in front of the mirror mainly because I don’t like looking in the mirror or standing for more than 3 minutes at any one time. So I brush me teeth while sitting on the toilet. I personally spend a long time sitting on the toilet doing my buzinezz so I like to kill two birds with one stone and brush my teeth too. I know this sounds so nasty and you know, it probably is but for me it guarantees that I spend a good 4 or 5 minutes brushing my teeth.

I very rarely brush more than twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night, again usually about 5 minute sessions. I don’t know if there’s any science behind this but personally I feel like over brushing might be just as bad as underbrushing. Obviously I’ll make an exception if I have a meeting, interview or freak appointment coming up.

I don’t adhere to any particular brand of toothpaste I think essentially it’s all the same. Now I will say that I have messed around with the Beverly Hills Formula and loved the range but haven’t seen it in any local shops and didn’t love it enough to go order online. I have never tried the black charcoal toothpaste either that went viral for a quick minute, I’ve never had to.

Now, the real secret behind my white teeth is, and you’re not gonna like it, is a vegetarian diet. I haven’t consumed meat products in over a decade which I think has contributed greatly to my white teeth. If you do smoke on top of eating meat I’d suggest brushing after every time you consume meat especially red meat. Meat left stuck in your teeth rots quickly and is so not a good time for your little knashers.

While on the topic of diet I try to keep calcium levels up which are abundant in plant-based foods like leafy greens and tofu. I tend to lean towards natural mouth cleaners like apples, raw carrots and other fibrous whole veg and fruit. These foods also stimulate more saliva production which can help neutralize acid levels in my pie-hole. Also, a less acidic mouth can help reduce enamel erosion.

Maybe the most powerful tool at your fingertips is a light tinted moisturizer. I really like Dove’s fair to medium moisturizer, it’s not really like fake tan because it’s gradual and keeps your skin looking fresh. It counteracts that grey sickly look on your face you get from smoking especially in the winter. The whole point behind it is that giving your face just a slight glow will make your teeth look whiter by comparison.

Remember ladies, it’s all about perception.

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