Lana Del Rey snaps at Kim Kardashian’s husband

Words: Adam O Reilly

Kanye West took to the stage last Saturday on SNL to promote his new album ‘Yandhi’ where he performed his new admittedly catchy song ‘I love it’ accompanied with Lil Pump. It was an absolute **** show if I ever have seen one. It really looked like two drunk frat guys acting the fool while their friend recorded on Snapchat. The song contains so many cuss words that 90% of the lyrics had to be left out. The most alarming thing about the whole performance to me was that you can tell Kanye believes in his own legend. He truly believes that he is the greatest living artist.

After SNL finished filming Kanye kept the cast, crew and audience in their places while he went on to make a nonsensical rant about his support for Donald Trump. Everyone around him looked awkward, again Kanye is not the enlightened soul he thinks he is and like Trump meanders his speech as to sound profound while really holding down the base of a moron.

Where does the queen of sad-rock Lana Del Rey come into this? I’m getting there but first some back story. Del Rey and the Kardashian-Wests were once “friends”, I say friends in quotations because I can’t imagine they had anything in common except the fact they all needed oxygen to survive. However, Kimberly has been a fan of Lana’s for some time and was even surprised by Kanye at their wedding in Florence where he had organized for Lana Del Rey to perform and she did. She was offered a rumored $2.8 million dollars to sing at the wedding but turned down the coin saying she would “never charge a friend to sing at their wedding.” Supposedly Kim’s favourite song is ‘Young and Beautiful’.

The relationship remained strong, Kim and Kanye would post links to Lana’s latest albums on their twitter accounts and Kylie often has a LDR track playing in the background on her Instagram story.

The relationship between Del Rey and the king and queen of America’s dystopia turned sour only recently. Lana Del Snapped back at Kanye on a recent Instagram post where he donned the MAGA cap in a post about abolishing the 13th amendment (see below).

Not long after the exchange on Instagram Kim Kardashian unfollowed Lana Del Rey on social media. For the record, I am a fan of Kim Kardashian I think she’s a great business woman and probably the most influential reality tv star to have ever walked this planet. I don’t like that she unfollowed Lana Del Rey but I get it, that’s her husband at the end of the day and I imagine a simple unfollow is much easier than having to listen to Kanye drone on and on. Kim is also in a difficult position, she’s built a family with this man and after her previous marriage lasting 72 days she’s probably committed herself to going down with the MS Kanye into the icy cold waters of lake Delusion.

It’s so refreshing to see singers stand up to Kanye. I think most of them are complicit out of fear of being blacklisted by the successful rapper which is also understandable.

Anyway, power to Lana Del Rey and you can stream her latest track ‘Venice B*tch’ here:

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