That sunken-cheek coke glow

That sunken-cheek coke glow

by Adam O Reilly

I don’t advocate for the use of cocaine nor do I advocate against its use. That’s not my job. I merely observe. However, I will say that with some heavy users of the party drug it brings with it a particular glow. A radiance only associated with coke. A coke glow. Many people will have no idea what I’m talking about but for those of you that know, you get it. A cokey glow that I often see in both party girls and party boys (not limited to party they/thems) is something very endearing and I’m not sure why I find it so attractive, perhaps a question better left to a therapist.

The sunken-cheeks, the dewy coke skin and the “am I lost or am I exactly where I’m supposed to be” tired eyes. So hot. Now I don’t need to tell you that not everyone who rolls up a fiddy is pulsating with this blow glow. It’s special, not everybody has it. I’m guessing that it compliments an already well laid out bone structure. Keep that in mind. This isn’t a beauty tip. Timothèe Chalamet doesn’t look the way he looks because he does coke, he looks like that because his mother was a tortured French artist and his father was an adorable yet well endowed chinchilla. The coke just adds to that.

Coke is a vasoconstrictor which means it reduces blood supply to the cells in the body leaving your skin with less oxygen and nutrients to work with. No surprise it’s bad for you and can be dangerous. We’re not talking about ideals, in the twisted world of attraction we’re selling sex not cookies. I’ve often tried to research why we find drug users attractive in particular the psychology behind it. I searched for some kind of looking glass, something I could gaze into that would unveil more truths about me than the actual users. Alas, the internet has changed, now it locks up its secrets tight and if you search for anything drug related you are left with a sea of websites that aim to “raise awareness” on the dangers of addiction rather than exploration. I can understand that. I might even respect it.

What I do know is that beauty remains King. The most powerful universal currency, for now. I can’t explain the magnetism around the coke glow, scientifically, emaciated cheeks and hollowed eyes should be a turn-off in the natural world. It might be associated with a sickness that our brains hardwire to repulsion from eons of evolution. Instead maybe the inverse falls true, maybe the attraction is set in the unnatural world. Stigmas and taboos often go hand in hand with attraction as you well know. There is a lingering danger and beaconing darkness that might just make you feel alive. Tortured souls speak the same love language.

Yet these snow angels continue to walk among us. Posing more questions than answers. Maybe it’s the mystery of it all that encapsulates you. Mystery can be dark but a coke glow shines brighter.

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